Flexible Water Proofing Coating


Elastomeric Water Proof Emulsion Flexible Copolymer

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Physical StateLiquid
Packaging TypeBarrel
Packaging Size250 kg
Shelf Life24 Months
Country of OriginMade in India

Elastomeric emulsion polymers are specialized polymer emulsions known for their elastomeric or rubber-like properties. These emulsions contain elastomeric components that provide flexibility, stretchability, and resilience to coatings and sealants. Here are some common uses and applications of elastomeric emulsion polymers: 1. **Elastomeric Roof Coatings:** These emulsions are commonly used in the formulation of roof coatings. When applied, they create a seamless, waterproof, and flexible membrane that can expand and contract with temperature changes. This helps protect roofs from water infiltration and UV damage, extending their lifespan. 2. **Exterior Wall Coatings:** Elastomeric emulsions are used as exterior wall paints or coatings. They can bridge small cracks and gaps in the substrate, ensuring a weatherproof and durable finish for buildings. This makes them suitable for stucco, concrete, and masonry surfaces. 3. **Concrete Sealants and Repair Compounds:** Elastomeric emulsions are used in sealants and repair compounds for concrete structures. They provide flexibility to the material, allowing it to move with the natural expansion and contraction of the concrete, reducing the risk of cracks. 4. **Traffic Coatings:** These emulsions find use in traffic coatings for bridges, parking decks, and other structures. They provide a protective and flexible barrier against moisture and chemicals while withstanding vehicular and pedestrian traffic. 5. **Waterproofing Membranes:** Elastomeric emulsions are employed in the manufacture of waterproofing membranes for below-grade applications, such as basements and foundations. They ensure a watertight seal and resist damage from soil movement. 6. **Flexible Adhesives:** Elastomeric emulsions are used in adhesives, especially for bonding materials that require flexibility, such as flooring and roofing materials. 7. **Expansion Joint Fillers:** They are used in expansion joint fillers to seal and protect joints in concrete slabs and pavements while accommodating movement. 8. **Coating for Elastomeric Sealants:** Elastomeric emulsions can serve as the base for elastomeric sealant formulations used in construction and automotive applications. These emulsions are valued for their ability to provide a protective, flexible, and waterproof barrier in a variety of applications where materials need to accommodate movement and environmental stresses.


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